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Maxima 2014 Catalogue
Maxima Harley Davidson Oil Listing
Maxima Retailers (Premium)
Maxima Safety Data Sheets
Why Maxima ?
Maxima 530 RR
Maxima 530MX
Maxima Air Filter Cleaner
Maxima Air Filter Cleaner 2Ltr
Maxima Air Filter Combo Kit
Maxima Assembly Lube
Maxima ATV Premium 4T
Maxima Bio Wash
Maxima Brake Fluids
Maxima Break-In Oil (NEW for 2012)
Maxima Castor 927
Maxima Chain Guard Combo Kit
Maxima Chain Guard Synthetic
Maxima Chain Wax Chain Lube
Maxima Chain Wax Combo Kit
Maxima Classic 4T
Maxima Clean-Up Aerosol
Maxima Contact Cleaner
Maxima Cool-Aide Coolant
Maxima Coolanol Coolant
Maxima FAB-1 Filter Spray
Maxima FFT Foam Filter Treatment
Maxima Fork Fluid
Maxima Fork Oil
Maxima Formula K2
Maxima Fuel Stabilizer
Maxima Gear Oil Premium
Maxima Gear Oil Synthetic
Maxima Grease (Waterproof)
Maxima Hi-Test Octane Booster
Maxima Marine Pro
Maxima Maxum-4 Blend
Maxima Maxum-4 Extra
Maxima Maxum-4 Extra 10W60 (KTM)
Maxima Maxum-4 Premium
Maxima MTL Transmission Lube
Maxima Multi-Purpose Penetrant Lube
Maxima Premium 2
Maxima Primary Case Oil
Maxima PWC Marine 4T
Maxima Quick 2 Mix
Maxima Racing Shock Fluid
Maxima SC1 Cleaner
Maxima Scooter 4T
Maxima Scooter Gear Oil
Maxima Scooter Pro
Maxima Speed Wax
Maxima Super-M
Maxima Suspension Clean
Maxima SXS Engine 0-40W Full Synthetic

Maxima Fuel Stabilizer

Fuel Stabilizer (Fuel Storage)


For Worry Free Storage Maxima Fuel Stabilizer is a multi-functional gasoline additive that provides the following fuel storage characteristics when used as directed:

Prevents gum & varnish formation
Guards against rust & corrosion
Protects against gas/water emulsion
Eliminates oxidation
No need to dispose of unused gasoline
Safe for all gasolines; race, pump or diesel fuels

Treat Rate
Use 1 oz. per every 1.0 - 2.5 gallons of fuel. Mix thoroughly. If in vehicle tank, run engine for 5 minutes after treatment.
Long term storage of fuel should be in tightly sealed metal containers. Store away from heat or open flames.

Technical Specifications:

Color Amber
Boiling Point, °F 180°
Flash Point, °F 215 (toc)
Specific Gravity 0.900

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